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If It's Broke, We Can Fix It!

Do It All Doug is exactly what the name implies - We are a one stop service company that can meet all your repair needs, whether Commercial or Residential. If you have a problem of any kind or you need to get something done give us a call. In the rare instance that we can't get it done we will know who can. We are the solution to your problems.

We are Do It All Doug!

Current Projects

Renovation of Commercial Bathroom - finishing concrete work to Install a new bathroom window and new bathroom vent. Tune in for more videos as the project comes along!


Services Home

Do you have a honey-do list then keeps growing longer everyday? Do It All Doug are your one-stop repairmen who can help you finally start crossing some of those projects off your list!


Projects Home

If you are thinking of remodeling a room in your home, you will quickly find out that planning and preparation for projects of this size can become overwhelming, especially if this is your first time planning for one. Let us help you!


You can never have too much information at your disposal when it comes to repairing your home. We provide articles on the tools and techniques that are used to keep up your home or business.

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